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  • How do I order my photo prints?
    To order prints, you can come into the store and hop on one of our easy-to-use touchscreen kiosks, there is always someone available to help. Or, if you are already confident, use our easy online order system, Online Kiosk, which mirrors our shop kiosks. Once you've placed your order, pop in and pick your photos up when convenient for you!
  • What paper options do you provide?
    Standard photographic paper, cotton rag, textured. These standard sizes mean they’ll fit any of our ready-made frames.
  • What’s the biggest size you can print?
    42 inch wide at any length you desire.
  • Can you photoshop things out of my images?
    Yes, we have extensive professional experience with photoshop.
  • How much does picture framing cost?
    The cost of picture framing will depend on the type of item you have, as well as the size and your specific requirements. Our team will provide options to suit your needs and budget. It is highly recommended to come in and speak to a framer face-to-face to discuss all options available.
  • How long will it take for my custom picture framing to be complete?
    Custom orders usually take 2-3 weeks. Our team will advise you of time frames when you place your order.
  • What are your picture frames made from?
    We use predominantly Australian Plantation timbers, Pine & Hardwood but also carry a selection of mouldings from around the world including Europe.
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